†††††††††† Entrained Air, Defoamer Control, and Pulp and Paper Operations

†††††††††† Machine Tool Industry Coolant† Filtration and Chemistry

PAPECís experience in entrained air and dissolved air measurement and control includes virtually every industry that is impacted by these issues. In specific industries, PAPEC has over 40 years of experience in all aspects of the pulp and paper industry, from the woodyard to the rewinders, and in the coolant and cutting fluids industry. This experience is not limited to entrained air and dissolved air issues. We have assisted clients over the years with numerous consulting projects encompassing a broad range of technical skills. Some of the areas in which we have consulted include:


†††† -entrained air measurement, control, and effects (numerous industries)

††††† -coolant and cutting fluids: design, operation, chemistry, air effects

††††† -secondary fiber plant startups and optimization

†††† -continuous and batch digester optimization

†††† -brownstock washline optimization

†††† -screening and cleaning design and optimization

†††† -pulp mill audits

†††† -litigation studies

†††† -defoamer control strategies

†††† -cost effective techniques for entrained air management

†††† -paper machine optimization

†††† -paper mill audits

†††† -engineering design in the pulp and paper mills




PAPECís consulting engineer is:


Steve Dougherty



††††† -PhD Chemical Engineering

††††† -Career experience in research in petrochemicals, biotechnology,

†††††† and pulp and paper processing

††††† -Extensive consulting on entrained air effects in pulp processing

††††† -Consulting in entrained air effects on pump performance

††††† -Expert witness in process performance analysis

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