Text Box: D_Aire_V2: Dissolved Air Tester
Features and Specifications



Wetted Materials: Stainless, glass

Seals: Buna rubber, PTFE

Weight: 1.8 kg (4 lb)

Sample volume: 11.5 cc (0.63 in3)

Overall length: 43 cm (17in)

Air in-leakage at max vacuum: <1.5x10-5 cc/sec

Minimum measureable dissolved air: 0.2%v/v


   -Less than 11% dissolved air: +/-0.1% (e.g., 10%       measured is 9.9 to 10.1% actual)

   -Greater than 11% dissolved air: +/-0.25% (e.g., 15% measured is 14.75 to 15.25% actual).

Note for use in mission critical applications.



      -Hydraulic actuators

      -Carbonated beverage processing

      -Polymeric resins

      -Cutting tool coolant systems

      -Food and pharmaceuticals

      -Any process or product that can be

           improved through the availability of dissolved air values.

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