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How it Measures Entrained Air

Text Box: Here’s how the DualAir_S_V1 measures entrained air:

The darker lines marked with arrows illustrate the flow of process fluid either into the DualAir_S_V1 , or bypassing the tester, depending upon the arrangement of the valves. The bypass valve is provided by the customer.

At the starting condition, the  Fill and Bleed Valves are opened and the Bypass Valve and the PIT Fill Valves are closed. The Compression Piston is moved completely out of the Sample Tube and then returned approximately 1 revolution into the tube to eliminate thread play.

After the Sample Tube is filled with fresh process fluid, then the Bypass Valve is opened, the Fill Valve is closed, and the Bleed Valve is closed.

The PIT Valve is opened and the Compression piston is moved into the Sample Cylinder until process fluid rises in the Pressure Indicator Tube to the Lower Reference. The PIT Valve is then closed and the Compression Piston is moved into the Sample Cylinder, causing process sample to move further into the PIT tube. This action places a known positive pressure on the trapped sample. The number of turns of the Threaded Compression Shaft needed to move the air bubble from the Lower Reference to the Upper Reference is multiplied by a conversion factor to calculate the entrained air content.

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