Squeezer_DualAirtm:     Features

Measures Both Entrained Air and Dissolved Air!



· Determine the contribution of dissolved air in low-pressure operations

· Quickly survey process operations for operating issues

· Timely measurement of product quality: pin holes, streaks, poor adhesion...

· Improved environmental compliance

· Very small and portable…fits in a standard briefcase

· Inexpensive




· Military: Critical hydraulic systems such as space launch vehicles

· Pulp and Paper: Lightweight sheet drainage, formation, pinholes...

· Food: Shelf-life issues,  sanitary assurance, canning operations….

· Hydraulic oil, lubricants

· Pharmaceuticals

· Cutting tool coolants

· Any application where troubleshooting of air content is required




Wetted Materials: Polycarbonate and Buna rubber

Entrained Air Range: 0.1 to 45% v/v%

Minimum Dissolved Air (v/v % referenced at atmospheric pressure): 0.2%.

Accuracy: +/-5% of measurement

Weight: 1.2 lbs (550 g)

Temperature Limits: 0 F to 190 F (-17 C to 88 C)

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