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QuickAir_OC4tm is the only manually operated air measuring device which:


· Is able to measure process samples in place (no dipping and pouring)

· Provides an immediate digital readout

· Can easily be operated by unskilled operators

· Is capable of sampling process streams in place

· Is able to provide air measurements from 0.1% to 50%





QuickAir_OC4tm has many applications:


· Pulp and Paper

· Food

· Oil

· Pharmaceuticals

· Any application where precise

 control of air content is required





QuickAir_OC4tm has many benefits:


· Timely identification of process problems

· Timely measurement of product quality

· Precise defoamer evaluations

· Improved environmental compliance

Product and Process Engineering Concepts

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QuickAir_OC4: Features

Instant Measurement of Entrained Air

Also measures the Liquid Content of Aerosols!


How it Works